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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tempus Fugit (cause we're having fun)

This is when the blogs are gonna get shorter... and also where I'm going to have to edit at later points to create some important links, so if you're staying on top of this, I recommend reading back to a prior post to glance through for newly-added hyperlinks.

Alrighty, here we go: just checked in. Goodie bag: insane. I'm not all that big on swag as a general rule (New York City apts are too small for free random stuff) but this is different. There are reasons for why we're getting certain things. TED is about ideas worth spreading and they're taking every opportunity to do so- even in the freebies. I'll have to give some details on these better, because there are a few documentaries worth mentioning etc, but the Wind Farm tour is leaving soon, so... time is short.

Lara Stein has commandeered me into taking pictures of the Wind Farm tour. And by "commandeered", I mean, she asked me if I had a camera for the tour and I said "mine is on its way here" and she said "I'll loan you one" and I said "Heck yeah."

Hopefully I will not prove incompetent with that and we'll have some pics posted on flickr- we're trying to get all the TEDsters to put up their good stuff. Look out for the tags TED2009 and TEDPALMSPRINGS.

Everyone here is so excited and introducing themselves at every chance. Luckily we're wearing name tags with pictures, front and center (also, the size of a car license plate). This is uber-helpful. And so very not like NYC.

Oh, and in the gift bag, there included a small set of towels labeled "his & hers". Insert joke here.

More after the windy adventure of the afternoon--


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