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Friday, February 6, 2009

Session 8: Discover - Thelma Golden

We can learn about cultures far and near through art and museums and that can help us find ourselves.

The game Masterpiece was inspirational in helping her learn her love of art directly. The game wasn’t fun, but the cards were replications of art so she curated her bedroom as a child.

She has followed artists all her life, but studying art in school was insufficient because it wasn't keeping up with the continuing growing history of art. Why or how could Thelma help convey the history that was going on all around her. Make the exhibition the ultimate white paper, the museum as a think tank.

Her first exhibition was Black Male. The work was by people of varied colors and ages
but the focus was on the identity of the black male. The goal was to encourage dialogue. Now curating in Harlem she refers to that place as a unique intersection of the past, present & future simultaneously.

Think of artists not only as content providers but also as catalysts.

What does it mean right now to be African American here? The art can create a community and an excitement. Artists push us to understand. She is working to create a network of artists around the world, not just Harlem. We learn the world and we learn ourselves.

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