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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The more I know, the more the to-do list grows...

I'm going to have to find a way to link back to the interesting people I keep meeting. Also I have for a while now (ever since the introduction of the Crackberry into my life) kept lists called "Read me" "Listen to me" and "Watch me" to keep track of recommendations of authors, artists, films, etc.

I now have a list called "TED" for any of the above, as recommended by TEDsters.

I tend to fear public acknowledgment and thank yous because there will ALWAYS be important people I'll miss, but that shouldn't stop me from calling out when I can, right? Right.

Paolo Malabuyo, bi-lingual blogger Cristina Marques Da Silva & Joao Brazao said to check these out: 6 Thinking Hats, Now Discover Your Strength & Strengths Finder 2.0. [Cristina is a Master Trainer in Six Hats and Certified Trainer in Lateral Thinking, DATT (direct attention thinking tools), Focus on Facilitation and Six Value Medals... which all relate to those books above.]

For now let's say Tracy Prentiss & Dominique Jaurola kept my brain humming during that walk about in the wind fields. And Kelly (Stoetzel, but from now on she's just Kelly- she and Rives are running this show, ya know?) introduced me to Evan Schwartz, who had me with these two little words: Finding Oz.

The TED bookstore must be avoided if I am to pay rent ever again!

bittersweetly (but mostly sweetly),
bookish chel


  1. This is great, Chel. I need Mind-Expando plug-in. :)

    BTW if you happen to encounter Louise Fresco or Dickson Despommier at TED — even virtually (leads are good) — our Grey speaker series will be about sustainable food/ community gardens, etc. in June.

    keep on bookifyin',

  2. Unfortunately Louise & Dickson were both at Long Beach, not Palm Springs where I was. :(

    Palm Springs was full of thinkers similar to them, but more like the next generation. I'll have to start posting their names & links to...