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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Session 4: See- Olafur Eliasson

Yes, you've heard of him. He did a large exhibition of waterfalls in NYC this past summer. His work requires experiments which is kind of cool, to see an artist have a "test group" of people to see what they see.

He's talking about how much we are responsible for what we see and what he gives us to see. Stare at a colored square for a while and when he takes it away we see colors anyway. We are "co-producers of that film". And we can lose a sense of our own bodies when we are mesmerized.

He has died large bodies of water in major cities to give people a new realization of their relationships to those places.

Some of his work in its presention is called an experiment. A car made out of ice, a circular running track that's glass and changes color in a way that you only experience it when interacting with it.

The art of falling water in NYC this summer gave us scale based on how hard/fast we saw the water fall it helps us measure distance with our eyes. They were placed in different parts of the city, islands, burroughs which helps draw a connection between these different places.

He is interested in art and culture can unify things that are polarized by, for instance, politics.

The connectivity between thinking and doing is experience. Having and experience is taking part in the world thusly sharing responsibilty.

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