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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Session One: Reboot- Juan Enriquez

Juan Enriquez is a hard act to follow, but it was smart to kick-off with him. A rocket to start the trip. And though I was listening, I still took these notes. Good thing about the typing skills because I was literally looking at the screen above as I wrote. Hope it makes sense. As ever, will fill in more later:

Of course the economy is a hard topic right now. Juan laid out a plan for the economy to save the American dollar. Yes, Juan does stuff like that. I'm not an economist so I can't say "yes that's correct" but I am able to say "that's like a good start". He made a good point, that we all understand economics because we've all had to balance a budget: income, rent, food, etc. There are basic rules, and when the rules are broken, we get a broken economy. Of course he didn't stick to the economy purely. (Remember he's multi-disciplinary.)

So he reports on stem cells and programmable cells and the progress of robotics. Oh and the evolution of Hominids, (aka people): we'll evolve at our own conscientiousness. We'll call the next times. "And that's the ultimate reboot."

*after TED, found this excellent summation of his talk by someone who took more than 18 minutes to write about it. check it.

For a little about Juan, here's a cv. For a little more interesting view of Juan, watch his talks.

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