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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Session 2: ReFrame - Nandan Nilekani

On Imaging India... because he's wealthy and successful but from a country where people live in two very different worlds of wealth and health.

His book isn't about history or people but about ideas...

four major kinds:
ideas that have arrived
ideas in progress
ideas in conflict
ideas in anticipation

the change in the mindset from people from a burden to human capital created a demographic dividend in india. its' the only young country in an aging world

entreprenuers moved from villians to heros

attitude towards the english language- no longer the words of their conquerers, but part of the world's culture. it's a language of aspiration

technology-from man vs machine to man AND machine
technology has arrived in india
globalization-from bombay plan to bombay house. no longer thinking under the world of imperialism.
deepening of democracy-from one party to thirteen

these are all ideas that have arrived.

ideas that progress:
education- universal access to primary schools. they're still making that effort.
infrastructure-connecting the nation
cities- engines of growth
single market- smooth seamless flow of goods

ideas in conflict
conflicting political ideaologies-policy making gridlock
labor reforms- job protection hampering job creation
higher education-state control or private funding?

ideas in anticipation
health- avoiding diseases of prosperity

so much of what he is talking about is india shaking off the view point that some of the aspects of imperialism and conquering were all bad. cities, language, etc, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

ok people, a lot of us bloggers are frustrated. i'm not the only one sitting here making noises of exasperation. this man talks FAST, his accent requires a lot of concentration and there's too much to say. it's like drinking a syrup instead of a juice. when i get the book, i'll love it. the talk, oy vey.

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