TEDxNewYork is held at GreyNY, 200 Fifth Avenue. We meet every week (mostly) on Fridays now and (mostly) from 1-2pm. We are open to the public. If you want to attend, send a note to admin@tedxnewyork.com (that's Don McKinney & Chel O'Reilly) with your vitals. Our biggest limitation is space so give us plenty of notice and we'll do our best to accommodate. Hope to see you at one of our events soon.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

CAMEO at TED2010: TEDxNY (that's you!)

yo! short video on TED mainstage about the TEDx program. the video that rattled through the many faces of TEDx events all around the world in 90 seconds. but i saw you!!! you, my friends were there... because you are there. here. at TEDxNY week after week we get together and watch and talk.

i gave a talk about running TEDxNY the day before TED started, in the pre-conference programs where we get nitty-gritty-- TEDsters talking to TEDsters before we sit and get quiet to watch the amazing 40 speakers on the main stage. in a way, that's kinda like what we do at TEDxNY. we listen but we talk too.

my talk was called "Curating the Conversation" and in 3 min i had to break down what it is we do every week. we watch a TEDtalk and then we listen to each other. i am so happy to share the job with Don of wrangling strangers together to bring your wisdom out of hiding in your brains and into the world. your ideas. worth spreading.

i got to end my talk with this very simple thought. every week i am lucky to be in the room with you all and encourage an environment of respectful sharing of ideas. i love it dearly. but if i am a curator, you, my friends are the art, you make the art.

take a moment to stand back and look at yourselves. i do. it's a beautiful view. and you are the idea worth spreading, TEDxNY is the best idea i could bring to TED2010.

grateful, humbled,
(sappy) chel

Something that hit my radar today...


First off, TEDActive 2010...

So, my friends, I find myself in Palm Springs again this year. It is awesome. I want to share it all with you. And there is much I can when we get back... In the mean time I wish I had the energy to live-blog more. Someone whose microblog that is very play-by-play is this awesome dude named Ash:

Follow him, head to that url...

more later,

Saturday, February 6, 2010

We're off the second week of February 2010

Unfortunately, we won't be able to host TEDxNY the second week of February. Sorry, no TEDxNewYork on 2/9/10.

We'll be back soon!

Be well,
Don & Chel