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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Session 2: ReFrame- Tom Rielly talks gift bag

During the breakdown of the dance set, Tom's holding our attention in the interim. I promised I'd get into the bag with you later... SO. He's doing it for me.

Here's the thing about the giftbag. They're cool, yes. They're also a part of the "ideas worth spreading" perma-theme of TED. In it are things that make you think a little, things that make you think "this is a good gift, I'll buy more", things that are created by TEDsters. (TED is an insular community in that way- like a family, a fraternity, these people are friends and they are people you want in your life for their wisdom, input and business support.)

Rickshaw bags made the bags for TED :) They are literally made out of Coca-Cola bottles. Who doesn't love recycling?

Stuffed Panda from WWF (I think I know who to give it to)

Metal bottle for refilling (used again and again) Thank you TED for giving us the chance to opt-out on Fiji water. (Thank you (!!!!) to the Google cafe for the free coffee, snacks and bottled water... next year can we have water that isn't shipped half way around the world? Talk to Scott about charity:water maybe? =)

Ever-Fi card (founded by TEDster)

iForest app for iPhone (when iPhones cut-n-paste I'll consider getting one). The basic idea is like Tamagotchi only it's trees not pets.

A Dale Chihuly dvd called Short Cuts. (I didn't know Chihuly had a relationship with TED but don't color me surprised. I saw an exhibit of his a while back and he makes- among other things- these great ceiling installations where you have to look up at the glasswork as you walk down a hallway. That's one way of seeing it. Another is to put up the hood of your sweatshirt, lie on your back and slither down the hall. Make your own point of view.)

Scale Is The New Geography (dvd) by Eames Demetrios

Darius Goes West (dvd) - made by a TED fellow about a TED fellow

Lexus: his and hers towels. Tom called 'em out and is trading the genders with his friend Jane so they'd get it right. Oh, and a coupon if you know someone who's in the market for a new Lexus, email me.

Tempus Fugit planner with TED dates on the calendar!

Icebreaker shirts from New Zealand with a baacode to scan and see which farm the wool came from. I'm not kidding they call it a baacode.

Bliss Spa gift set. All tiny and cute and hotel like.

1 Year Subscription to ActionMethod website (mental note: must ask fellow blogger Stephen Collins. He's all about getting stuff done.)

Tom's Shoes (buy one & they give a pair like yours to someone in the developing world). It's like OLPC but for feet, so you don't want the word web in your product development. Also, they have not just the weirdest boot I've ever seen, but the weirdest commercial to endorse it. (He'll give you the answer that you'll endorse...)

Skype pack

Akoha play-it-forward card game

Steelcase discount card: friends, see me if you want it, I'm not able to afford- even at the discount rate- the best chair I've ever had the pleasure of blogging from).

826 Valencia's soon to be released publication

and a very great book by a very great man: Understanding USA by Richard Saul Wurman

Later... 3 stage gift raffles yet to be given:

A bike. Called Radish. By Xtracycle. Seriously, just look at it. I can't imagine owning one in a Manhattan apartment, but it sure is purdy.

Steelcase Walkstation (it's either too weird or perhaps brilliant)

Cameron Sinclair donated a trip Cameroon... commence your punny jokes now.

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