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Friday, February 6, 2009

Session 9: Grow- Natasha Tsakos

Swiss woman with a Greek name asked to put on her show at TED, but the format was wrong, so she's speaking here in her own way... wrapped head to toe in a heavy winter coat. She she performs she often does so in silence and wild costume. Now she feels naked.

"Our ability to imagine makes us real."

She describes Up Wake, her new story about a person named Zero. A 9-5-er who lives a life flipping and slipping between awake and asleep.

The stage goes black. She shows us a small example of what she does... where Zero doesn't speak but moves in sync with projected sounds and projected images. She's in concert with herself on stage, or rather Zero is.

At the convergence of technology and art is her show.

"Being human is an artform."

She's amazingly interesting, she's worked as a doctor clown in hospital for years. She explains that wearing a mask makes people let their own down.

Zero is willing to do many things. MY favorite is this-
React with zero: turn off electricity for 7 minutes every Sunday.

And I can't wait to see her show in full.

We are not here to question the possible, we are here to challenge the impossible.

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