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Monday, February 2, 2009


If sitting at the computer talking to oneself counts as a blog entry, then I just did six. Alas, no.

Today I arrived in Palm Springs, a little ahead of the game just to get settled in and take in the scope of all things TED@PalmSprings. Tossed my things in my room at the Riviera (where the conference is taking place) and sat down in a public area alone with my computer hoping I would not remain as such.

Enter Kelly Stoetzel and Dan Mitchell (TED Wish Manager), who were headed to the fire pit out by the pool. They invited me to tag along. They, as well as Rives (who has a thing for windchimes and a way with words), Lara Stein, a TED fellow named Joy, an artist named Jason, Leigh & Jennifer*.

a few other people on the team that make TED happen, were brainstorming for the week ahead. I really don’t want to spill the beans but I laughed a lot tonight. Also, there are gay people here it turns out. Who knew?

I talked to Rives before I headed off to my room, he said I should hang with the gang some tomorrow, or toss in any ideas to make TED@PalmSprings awesome-r. I think the biggest idea is no sleep, which I’m already working on. As far as hangin' with the crew, there's an 8am run in the morning. Joy!

Tomorrow’s an open book. More later.


*Leigh, Dan & Jennifer = crazy enough to run first thing in the morning

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