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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Session 12: Engage- Jamie Cullum

Here he comes...

I Get A Kick Out Of You (yes we get the same out of you Jamie)... started out a capella with the mic so far away he was just a lonely voice in a large hall. The best way to get people's attention isn't to shout, it's to whisper. Did anyone notice if he made a little sneeze when he sang the line about getting a kick out of cocaine? Annie Hall, anyone?

I've Got A Woman (could probably have them all I'm guessing, you wild (piano) player)... he even makes a kick drum out of the leg of the piano and pounds out percussion barehanded on all parts of the grand piano.

Gene Kelly's Singing In The Rain as a segue into Rihanna's Umbrella was cute, clever and brought the house to its feet

All At Sea is an original he wrote when he broke up with his gf, skipped the commencement of his college graduation to work on a cruise ship. He changed on lyric in the sad song for the humor of it: "I gave away my iPhone..."

And again, to our feet! ...while he was going about the stage gathering the blazer and button down he managed to through off during the show...

Chris says we're going to try and squeeze an encore at the end!

Jamie Cullum has a website too of course, but I'm just going to link to his (disappointingly sparse) tour schedule....

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