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Sunday, November 15, 2009

TEDxNewYork 11/10/09 Dan Ariely (2009)

And a call to action by one of our fellow conversationalists:

"The TEDx conversation this morning was very inspiring.

We looked deeply into human behavior, coupled it with climate-change problems,
and concluded that humans can change things in small steps.

I request that we actually take a small-step this week, to complete what we got out of the meeting.

One small step, to turn our words into actions.

TED is a group of doers, not just talkers, and if we stood behind our words, our meeting will become much more valuable.

So if you wish to play the game, make just a small step this week out of your ordinary practice, whatever that means to you.

Change a light bulb, compost, have a family conversation or create your own unique step...

Hey, if we wear the right sweatshirts on. . . wouldn't that be a TEDx to remember? ;-) "

-Vico Sharabani

TEDxEast 11/06/09 report on a TEDx we didn't have a hand in creating

***Please note that while people from TEDxNewYork attended, we were not part of the creation of TEDxEast. We merely attended, as the "x" in TEDx means "independently organized event".

We're very, very grateful to the work of Julianne Wurm for making TEDxEast such an awesome event.

Rock on.

PS She'll be doing it again in 2010...