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Friday, February 6, 2009

interstitial Evan Williams

Chris Anderson suspended the moratorium on texting in the front rows at Long Beach for this Evan. (Up front the light is too distracting, elsewhere it’s politely forgiven. Obviously Cameron’s not sitting up front this year.)

Four years ago at TED, this man, the founder of Twitter announced the desire to create ODEO. Off that began Twitter was a side project. But then so was Blogger for him too, and I know that you and I like Blogger.

Twitter is to keep people in touch despite distances and real time.

Twitter during real time: Sharing San Diego’s wildfires INFORMATION, like, um, wildfire. Helps us share info about solutions during times of crisis, helps us share information about politics and each other. And tagging tweets with #’s does wonders for driving information.

At the end of Evan presentation we’re invited to follow him on twitter (his handle is EV). Then Chris asked him to come allow him to do a real-time online view of his feed. All of the #TED tweets were just about him, saying how cool he was except for one… from Chris… saying that he was bombing his presentation. Ha!

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