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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Session 2: Palm Springs Exclusives

Chris Hues (edit: HUGHES) just showed us his newest little "toy" using the camera on his Mac and a website he was able to make 3d objects project on paper and rotate. Again, you're gonna have to see it in person, but I have a guess you won't have to wait til TED posts his thing.* I mean, he didn't keep a good thing to himself when he hacked the iPhone.

I was talking to him this morning** and asked if he was up late last night (a lot of us were talking until all hours as TEDsters are wont to do). "Oh yeah. I was rendering something that didn't quite work out the way I wanted it to." That wasn't what I meant, but it made me laugh. I'm standing next to him listening to him talk about how simple and easy it is to do. Yeah, like that iPhone hack. PS It's open source. You need flash.

Also, Matt from Dance with Matt is gonna be HERE. We're ALL gonna dance with Matt.

*I just talked to him. He's gonna give me his web link when he's got it up later.
**By the by- he's rather sweet.

On a break now. I'm soooo getting coffee.

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