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Friday, February 6, 2009

Evan Schwartz!!!! Live from Palm Springs

Evan is a pro on something we theoretically could all be a pro on, but we're not. He is.

The Wizard of Oz is the most watched movie in history. We've collectively spent lifetimes watching the movie, memorizing the songs, daydreaming about the characters. What's the power of The Wizard of Oz? Who IS the wizard? So Evan Schwartz became a pro on Oz, and wrote a book called Finding Oz.

Evan spoke on finding the wizard, specifically.

The wizard is clever. Digging through the life of Baum, who was journalist, Schwartz found that Baum covered an event hosted by the wizard of Menlo Park (Thomas Edison).

The wizard is mean. And Baum's father was in oil and suffered under John D. Rockefeller.

The wizard is a fraud. Who was the deceiver of the age? PT Barnum. Then the wizard confesses Dorothy and Friends they CAN be their own heroes.

The wizard is wise: Swami Vivekananda upstaged all (including Edison) at the World's Fair with that very kind of wisdom.

The wizard is a shape-shifter. He is all things we love, good and bad.

I spent some time with Evan over the past few days and went running with him the other morning (he's great at helping keeping me going :) I got the first 45 seconds of his talk on that run and I've been biting my lips (hard!) ever since. I heart Evan.

And I'm off to the bookstore to find the wizard...

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