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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

TEDxNEWYORK 6/2/09 Shai Agassi (2009)

Today's TED Tuesday selection probably had something to do with GreyNY's own Don McKinney sharing on a panel with Shai at WBSCC last week (see prior posts). Also, Shai's insight is highly relevant to... the everywhere, right now. Don's additional insightful adds to our conversation came from working in the ad world in Detriot for several years as well. Oh and GM is in the news today (sorry I really couldn't decide which news source to use for that announcement).

Of course it's not just the Associated Press that's all a-buzz over GM- the blogosphere is all a-twittering. (Can we use twittering by its Merriam-Webster definition anymore?) So instead of quoting co-workers, and myself here with our frustrated, inflammatory comments, we'll let some of writers of the day take the stand (and thanks Huffington Post for being the repository of such great thoughts):

TEDster Cameron Sinclair's editorial asks What If GM Were Run Like A Non-profit? His article provides some great additional information too, so follow his links....

A surprisingly insightful criticism that a problem with the heads of American automobile manufacturers didn't spend sleepless nights trying to improve their product but focused their energy on lobby government to avoid mandating seatbelts and airbags. The source surprised me.

And of course, it wouldn't be a TED Tuesday if I didn't leave the conversation with an addition to my reading list. At the top: Internal Combustion, by Edwin Black. (That web page could be sexier, but of course Mr. Black wasn't writing a website, he was writing a book.) (Go ahead, buy it green.)

But let's bring this back around- it's too easy to trail off on the line of thinking "what were the big three thinking?!" Instead let's go back to the top of this post, the solution-oriented Shai Agassi who is thinking, hard, and coming up with some pretty damn viable solutions. Rock on with those electrons.


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