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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bonus TED Activity on Thursday evening

TEDxNY is on for this coming week, Friday, 1-2pm.

ADDITIONALLY there's this, with our fellow TEDsters of NYC...


Announcing an unofficial and improvised TED-flavored meet-up on the new public Lincoln Center Lawn on Thursday, September 9. The meet-up starts about an hour before sunset and goes until they kick everybody off. Come join us for friends, fun and back-to-school sympathy. Please consider bringing at least two of the following: a little drink, a little food (maybe apples and honey for a sweet Rosh Hashanah?), a musical instrument, a spouse, a lover, a pal, a stranger, your kids, your folks, your posse, not your doggy (sorry!), a TED Talks fan, an activity, a talent and a beach towel and/or picnic blanket worth spreading.

This message is being sent out to New Yorker buddies old and new from among TED, TEDActive, TEDxEast, TEDxGotham, TEDxBrooklyn, TEDED, JED and anyone else we can think of. If you feel like we've missed somebody, absolutely pass it along. TED virgins and walk-ins encouraged. Please feel free to tweet this notice, post it, blog it or link to it here. No RSVP, no questions, no nuthin'--just come if you can, when you can. If it rains...that SUCKS.

--Amy (TED Prize Director), Kelly & Rives (TEDActive co-hosts)


  1. Isn't it Fashion Week at Lincoln Center? Won't it be crowded, or the lawn taken up?

  2. One of the 40 events in the US is happening tomorrow at my school and everyone keeps talking about it! I have no clue what it is! Is it where public speakers talk about a specific topic? And I heard the guys from Mtv's The Buried Life if going to be there. I am really confused.
    TEDx event