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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

TEDxNewYork 2/16/10 Jamie Oliver (2010)

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  1. I attended my first TEDxNew York meeting today and it was impressive. We watched Jamie Oliver's presentation on educating our children about food and his fight against obesity.

    The discussion that followed afterwards was very stimulating. Chel and Don did a good job managing the forum. I'm sure that everybody wished there was more time for more people to be heard.

    I wanted to share my own thought: I truly believe that we need to dig deep and find the root cause of unhealthy eating and the increased rate of diet-related illnesses, and therefore, mortality. I have traveled significantly and lived part of my life overseas and it's interesting to note that America has the exact opposite problem with food compared to the rest of the world - Americans are dying because of over abundance of food here. And I would certainly use the word "food" loosely. Not sure what we're eating nowadays but I have a gnawing feeling that it's no longer food (as in organic) but manufactured and synthesized food. Must food really be eaten "fast" as in a "chore" or a "necessary evil?"

    In the end, I submit that real change must start on the individual level. The question we need to ask ourselves is: what kind of value do we associate with eating. What is our perception of food? In some countries, eating equals a social event - as in a family gathering or a social ritual. Cooking starts in the home, which then builds up to extended families and eventually communities.

    Jamie is right - we should start cooking more at home. And we need to encourage and share this experience with our children. Eating has got to be more personal again and even more purposeful.

    So, anybody up for some home-cooked meal tonight?