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Friday, May 29, 2009

TEDxNEWYORK 5/28/09 Jacqueline Novogratz (2003)

This week's TED Tuesday was, of course, on Thursday as the holiday weekend threw everything a little off schedule. We watched what I believe was Jacqueline Novogratz's first TED talk, from 2003-- not available online, but thanks Don for loaning us the dvd. On the TED website you can find her talks from 2005, 2007 & 2009 and I recommend all of them.

I'm currently reading her book The Blue Sweater, which is far more compelling than I expected (and I was expecting it to be good anyway) and I recommend that as well.

A few small, quick notes from the post-talk conversation:

Ms. Novogratz is always pushing to make philanthropy as empowering and effective as possible; she learned about course-correcting-- methods that are tried, but not always true. We talked about that on many scales: life at large, small projects, large organizations, these happen in many ways. When you stop to assess how you're progressing on the road towards a goal, you may change how you're going to get there. It's important to not become paralyzed by how overwhelming a situation might be. Interestingly enough, a few hours later Cameron Sinclair's article The Tugboat & The Tanker showed up on the Huffington Post with an excellent analogy on the hows/whys of course-correction.

The conversation didn't exactly meander, but somehow we do find ways to include a lot of topics in what was ultimately about 40 minutes of talk time... Come, see what we mean by that.

til next week,

PS check out the news of the world in the posts below from Don's trip to the World Business Summit on Climate Change!

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